Suffolk Cooperative Library System Launches Solar Project In Bellport, Long Island

BELLPORT, N.Y., May 3, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — In an effort to take steps toward global sustainability, Suffolk Cooperative Library System (SCLS) has decided to add a solar power generating system to their building’s rooftop.  The Bellport-based library system will source clean, renewable energy from the sun and reduce their building’s energy costs significantly for years to come.

The new solar powered electricity-generating system designed and installed by SUNation Solar Systems is comprised of 450 solar panels and 6 inverters, and has a projected annual production of 186,000 kWh, saving the association an estimated $29,760 per year in electricity costs.

“It’s clear that Suffolk Cooperative Library System has made a commitment to clean, renewable energy, leading by example, and demonstrating to Long Island that an association can absolutely have a positive impact on its community by reducing its local carbon footprint,” says SUNation co-founder and Chief of Sales, Mike Bailis.  “We’re very proud to be helping this wonderful organization achieve its global sustainability goals.”

Speaking on their new solar initiative, SCLS Assistant Director of Business and Operations, Roger Reyes says, “On behalf of the 56 Public Libraries in Suffolk County, we are proud to be fulfilling our goal of being community leaders in sustainability. SCLS plans to continue our solar initiative over the next few years by installing solar carports and ultimately having the capacity to store solar energy for use at peak demand times.”

About Suffolk Cooperative Library System

The Suffolk Cooperative Library System is an association created by agreement of the Boards of Trustees of its member libraries, each of which remains autonomous under individual charters granted by the New York State Board of Regents. The Mission Statement of SCLS reads as follows: The Suffolk Cooperative Library System exists to help local public libraries provide the best in traditional and innovative public library service to all the people of Suffolk County. In line with its motto, “Helping Your Local Library Serve Your Community Better,” SCLS offers a variety of support services to its member libraries.

Suffolk Cooperative Library System Media Contact: Roger Reyes, 631-286-1600,

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