East Northport, NY. July 20, 2023 –Long Island Navy Veteran AnnMarie Ayers was recently gifted a complete solar energy system donated by SUNation Energy’s not-for-profit SUNation Cares. Installed on July 19, 2023, this renewable energy system will aid Ayers and her family with lower monthly electricity bills and more control over their energy.

After serving her country, Ayers has faced many challenges including struggles with cancer, military PTSD, and dealing with the loss of her job after getting laid off due to the pandemic.

When SUNation heard about Ayers and her family through CMM Cares, of which SUNation CEO Scott Maskin is a board member, the solar company’s not-for-profit corporation SUNation Cares stepped in to help alleviate some of their monthly expenses. Through the donation of 21 solar panels, along with equipment and labor for the installation, this solar energy system will generate approximately 5,344 watts of energy annually. This is estimated to offset about 74% of the Ayers home energy use and greatly reduce their monthly electricity costs.

SUNation Cares was established in 2015 with the mission to give back to the community with the gift of electricity for Long Island families in need. Through these solar energy donations, they’ve helped Veterans, families of children with special needs, and in 2021 the Wuneechanunk Shinnecock Preschool to reduce their electricity bills and put the money they save each month towards where it’s needed most.

The program also expands SUNation’s eco-friendly impact. When solar panels are removed from a home or commercial property in exchange for an upgraded system as technology advances, the like-new solar panels are still fully functional and able to be used again. Instead of sending the panels to a landfill, they are donated to a local family in need where they can be used to offset energy use and aid families in lowering their energy bills.

SUNation thanks CMM Cares for all they’ve done to support the Ayers family along with Councilman Salvatore Ferro at Town of Huntington, United Way and Pal-O-Mine Equestrian to provide financial, medical, and emotional support for a Long Island Veteran in need.


About SUNation Energy

SUNation Energy, a Pineapple Energy company, is the local solar and energy expert trusted by over 8,000 Long Islanders since 2003 for professionally installing the highest quality equipment with an exceptional customer experience. Based in Ronkonkoma, N.Y., SUNation Energy offers

the complete in-house sustainable energy experience including residential and commercial solar installation, community solar, roofing, backup battery storage, EV charging, and more.

Their not-for-profit corporation, SUNation Cares, also provides the gift of free electricity for life to Long Island Veterans and their families. Through the company’s consistent efforts towards excellence, SUNation has been named Best of Long Island 14 years in a row and was named among Long Island’s Top Workplaces for 2022.

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