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Benefits of Buying or Selling a Home With Solar

A home with a purchase-to-own solar system installed often has higher demand due to the fact that a homeowner coming in will move into a home that does not have an electric bill, only a small connection fee. On average, a home with a purchased solar system has been known to fetch up to 4.1% higher than a home without.

Reduce Electric Bill

As a homeowner, electricity costs are a large portion of your monthly expenses that will always be there. With a solar panel system on your roof, you will generate your own electricity! Even if you aren’t consuming 100% of the energy, you can bank energy credits for use at a later date.

Increase Property Value

When you have a solar panel system installed on your roof, you are not only saving money on your electric bill, you are increasing the value of your property! Homes with solar panels tend to sell more than homes without solar panels. This is due to the fact that the new homeowners will be moving into a home without any electricity expenses!

Secure Electric Rates

Each and every year we witness increasing electricity rates from the local utility companies. When you make the investment in a solar panel system, you can lock in the price of your electricity that you will pay each month, with the exception of the connection fee.


Reduce Carbon Footprint

You can lower your personal environmental footprint by installing a solar panel system. When you install a solar panel system on your roof, you avoid buying carbon-emitting electricity from the grid and instead draw power directly from your solar panels.


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Frequently Asked Questions

When you choose to make the investment in a solar panel system, you are increasing the value of your home the moment they get installed! On average, a solar panel system has been seen to raise a home’s value by as much as 4.1%!

Yes! In the instance of a sale of a home with SUNation solar panels, the warranties will transfer over to the new homeowner! SUNation will aid both parties in the process of transferring the warranties to the new homeowner.

Customers can save on the upfront expenses of solar equipment and installation by leasing solar panels. The customer will pay a fixed monthly fee for the electricity generated by the solar panels instead of purchasing the system entirely.

Please contact the company you lease your panels from for more information. If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us!

Unlike a leased solar system, a purchase-to-own solar system allows homeowners to pay for and own their solar system. Purchasing a solar system has never been more affordable thanks to SUNation's flexible financing options. Purchase-to-own solar panel system owners save far more than those who lease solar panels.

Solar panels take advantage of the most abundant energy source, THE SUN, and the way in which they function is actually a lot more simple than you may think:


  • During hours of sunlight, the solar cells within solar panels absorb energy
  • Within the solar cells, there are circuits that take the energy and turn it into direct current (DC) energy
  • The DC energy is then passed through an inverter that converts it into alternating current (AC) energy that will feed to your home for your consumption
  • You will either consume this energy, send it back to the grid or store it within a solar battery storage system

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Yes! A solar panel system for rental homes will be beneficial. Installing solar panels attracts better tenants and saves money on electric bills over time. Solar panels can also help a property owner's bottom line in the long run.

SUNation only offers and installs solar panels of the highest quality, durability, and efficiency on the market, the same can be said for solar inverters. These solar panels are equipped with a warranty and are rated to produce energy for those years. 

Request a copy of the home’s PSEG bills to look at the chart that outlines the production of the solar system. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us!

Not a problem! SUNation offers add-on systems through our SUNation Service division. Our team will look into and design an add-on system based on your wants and needs! 

There are a few variables that go into adding a battery storage system into an existing solar system. If you would like more information, please reach out to our service department for more information by calling 631-750-9454 (option 3) or by emailing service@sunation.com.

We recommend that you have SUNation Service come out to check the system to ensure that everything is functioning properly before or after selling your home. To schedule an appointment please call 631-750-9454 (option 3) or email service@sunation.com.

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