With the rising costs of energy and the effects of climate change, homeowners are seeking more efficient ways to manage their energy use and keep costs down. In addition to sustainable solutions like solar energy, backup battery storage, and EV charging, upgrading your home’s electrical panel to the SPAN Smart Electrical Panel is the most innovative way to take control of your energy use from the palm of your hand and lower your electricity bill.

What is a SPAN Smart Panel?

The SPAN Smart Electrical Panel is an intelligent version of your current electrical panel, with the ability to control your home’s energy use circuit by circuit all without having to flip a switch. Compatible with solar, backup battery storage, and EV charging, the SPAN Smart Panel allows you to use your mobile device to track your energy use, provide insights into where you spend the most energy, and manage energy use from your mobile device for complete energy control.

SPAN Panel Features

  • Size: 49”X17”
  • Metal panel with a sleek white glass door
  • Interior lights automatically turn on when opened

How The SPAN Panel Works

Replacing your home’s current electrical panel, the SPAN electric panel does more than allow for remote circuit control. It creates a more optimized way of organizing and controlling your energy use, helping you to cut down on unnecessary energy, like when you’re not at home.

The SPAN Panel is wired to 32 circuits that can categorize wires and appliances into three categories:

  1. Must Have
  2. Nice to Have
  3. Not Essential

This categorization is optimal for energy conservation in the event of a power outage and allows homeowners to prioritize the circuits that stay on during an outage. For example, if you and your family are going away for the weekend and there is a power outage, circuits can be re-prioritized from your smartphone based on what is needed at that moment and when you return home.

This system can also be used to dynamically modulate energy use during high use periods, like summer afternoons, when brownouts are most likely to occur. During these peak periods, the panel can automatically turn off high-energy, low-use appliances to help conserve energy and in turn help you save money. Even if an appliance is not turned on, it still uses energy if it’s plugged into the circuit. Through SPAN’s app on your phone or mobile device, you can turn circuits on and off to save on energy without having to unplug unnecessary appliances to save money.

The smart panel can also provide helpful suggestions on more ways to optimize your energy use. SPAN’s software can detect patterns in your energy usage and suggest ways to improve your home’s energy efficiency.

Benefits of Owning the SPAN Smart Panel

The biggest benefit to owning a SPAN smart electrical panel is that it provides greater control over your home’s energy usage with the flexibility and mobility of using your smartphone to monitor and adjust your energy. By monitoring and controlling your energy use, you have more control over your monthly electricity bill. But that’s not the only benefit.

The SPAN electrical panel is easy to add on and can be a great fit for any home. While it works well with solar, backup energy storage, and EV chargers, these sustainable additions are not required to get the most out of your new smart electrical panel. It is important to make sure you have a professional install the panel to ensure all circuits are connected correctly.

Your current electrical panel can’t monitor your energy use or help you in a power outage, but the SPAN Panel can. If you are a homeowner who takes advantage of backup energy storage, like with a Tesla Powerwall battery, your SPAN panel can work with your battery to make adjustments and get the most out of your stored energy. Being able to reduce your energy use to Must Have circuits when the grid goes down, for example, can help extend how many hours of battery use you have by up to 40% on average. By using your mobile device to make these adjustments, there’s no need to fumble around in the dark managing circuit breakers.

The SPAN Panel also provides the comfort of safety and security. When the panel replaces your older electrical panel, it meets the latest safety codes and is equipped with safety features such as circuit breakers and surge protection to protect your home and family.

Savings Opportunities for the SPAN Panel

In addition to helping you lower your electricity bills by managing your energy, especially when combined with solar energy to reduce your reliance on the power grid even more, there are other ways to save with the SPAN panel.

If you don’t have solar panels yet, but are looking to make the switch to solar, you can combine your solar and SPAN installation projects for a faster and more cost effective process. When combined with solar, the SPAN Panel may qualify for the Residential Clean Energy tax credit. Consult with your solar consultant and your tax advisor for further details on qualifications and eligibility.

How to Get A SPAN Electrical Panel

If you’re interested in taking even more control of your energy, lowering your monthly electricity bill, and using your energy is a smart, sustainable way, contact the team at SUNation Energy for details. We can help you with your solar, energy storage, EV charging, roofing, and now SPAN panel needs.

At this time SPAN Panel installations are available in Nassau and Suffolk Counties and are not available in Queens, Brooklyn, or Staten Island.

Contact our team at 631-750-9454 or click here for details on the SPAN electrical panel.

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