Explore the Costs of Installing Solar in Long Island

Here’s the “big secret” about Big Solar companies: they want you to lease – not own – your solar panel system. Why? Because it’s more profitable – for them.
Big Solar has its beady eyes on your energy and tax credits – and all your profits from sending power back to the electric grid. Big Solar companies crave this cash to launch national marketing campaigns and to reward the Wall Street venture capitalists who fund them. The best-kept secret in solar is that the only way to realize all of the economic benefits of solar power is to own your system.

Benefit of Solar

While Solar may have some upfront costs, Solar power ownership means you generate your own power from the sun.. As an owner, you also keep all the energy and tax credits. You can even watch your home’s value rise by about $3 for each watt of installed power (leased solar systems actually decrease the value of your home because the law labels them “encumbrances”). An owned solar system saves you money by putting the power of the sun into your wallet.

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Going solar with SUNation is more affordable than you can imagine. In fact, 96 percent of our Long Island Solar customers pay Zero Out-of-Pocket expenses! It’s a smart, risk-free investment you can depend on to pay dividends for decades down the road. With the cash to finance your system upfront, you can also reap the rewards of 26% federal tax credit and a $5,000 NY State tax credit.

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