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SUNation Service is a division of SUNation Energy that provides a wide range of services that are necessary for maintaining your solar system. Not only is SUNation Service available to our customer base, but it is also available for EVERY solar system out there. There have been many companies that have entered and exited the Long Island Market and it is essential that these systems get the care they deserve and need.

Maximize & maintain your solar system

What Do We Offer?

Solar System

Ensure optimal performance and longevity of your solar system with SUNation Service's comprehensive solar system maintenance solutions!

Solar Battery

Ensure your home stays POWERED ON during grid outages and times of extreme weather by using stored solar energy!

EV Charging

Charge your electric vehicle more efficiently from the convenience of your home and never worry about your battery life again!

Solar System

If you have an older solar panel system, it may be time to revitalize your solar system and upgrade to newer, more efficient technology!

Solar System

As time goes on, your energy needs may increase due to a wide variety of factors and adding solar panels to your system is not a worry!

Removal and

If you are having work done on your roof and need your solar panel system removed and reinstalled, we have you covered!

SPAN Smart
Electrical Panel

The 100 year old electrical panel has been reimagined. Control all of the circuits in your home with the click of a button!

Guardian Service

Rest assured that your solar panel system is functioning properly with having a SUNation Service Specialist watching your system!

Solar Pest

This protective measure effectively shields your solar setup from any potential damages caused by pests, including squirrels, birds, and more!

Solar Snow

A snow prevention system that safeguards against both the accumulation of snow on your roof and the potential hazard of large chunks of snow falling off!

Annual Solar
System Inspection

Ensure peak efficiency and prolonged lifespan for your solar energy system through our meticulous assessment, and expert recommendations!


Elevate your electrical system to the next level of safety, efficiency, and reliability with our expert solutions and skilled electricians!

Consumption Monitoring

Be in the know of where all of your solar energy that your system produces is being used and how you can make your home more efficient!

industry exclusive service

SUNation Guardian Service

SUNation’s Guardian Service is VITAL to the success of your decision to go solar. Checking on your solar system offers information about your energy generation and how to best optimize your energy usage.

What the SUNation Guardian Service Includes:

  • Weekly remote status check of your solar system’s integrity.
  • Phone support for system resolution.
  • Site visit if a resolution can not be made over the phone.
  • Quarterly updates via email to confirm your system’s operational status.
  • Reminder emails when your subscription is set to expire.

Let us take the burden of checking your system by signing up for the SUNation Guardian Service today!

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We have you covered during emergencies!

With our unwavering commitment to your safety and peace of mind, we take immense pride in being there for you 24/7, no matter the weather’s fury. When the unexpected strikes, our dedicated team of professionals rises to the challenge, offering immediate assistance and support during extreme weather events. From relentless storms to unforeseen disasters, we have you covered with swift, reliable solutions.

Rest assured, with SUNation Service, you can count on us to be your reliable beacon, guiding you through any emergency with the utmost expertise and compassion.

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