JuiceBox EV Charger

Charge Your Electric Vehicle More Efficiently!

JuiceBox EV Charger

Thousands of happy EV drivers are using a JuiceBox to charge their vehicle within their homes. Seamlessly integrated value, performance and speed. They create an effortless home charging experience by providing all of the safety and smart charging features, while being reliable and cost-effective. Using the universal J1772 charging standard, JuiceBox EV Chargers offer the capability to charge all vehicles that are on the market today. You can even charge a Tesla by using the correct adapter. Interested in speaking with a SUNation Specialist?

Up to 7x Faster Charging

Allows you to spend more time out on the road instead of waiting for your EV to charge.

WiFi Connectivity

The JuiceNet mobile app and web portal give you the ability to monitor and schedule your next charge.

Convenient & Stylish Design

JuiceBox EV chargers are equipped with LED lights that show you its WiFi connectivity and its charging status.

Smart Grid Savings

Ability to schedule your charge when electricity rates are cheaper, maximizing savings with your electric vehicle.


Create a daily charging routine, get an alert when your electric vehicle’s charge has completed and even get a reminder from JuiceNet to go and plug your vehicle in.

Solar Energy and Charging

One of the biggest things with electric vehicles is figuring out when and where you are going to be able to charge. JuiceBox EV Chargers allow you to have one of the smoothest experiences when it comes to home charging. On the other hand, when you charge your vehicle at home, your electricity consumption will increase. When you have a solar system, you are able to capitalize on your green investments and save money when you charge your electric vehicle.

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