Discover Solar

Educating You On How Solar Panel Systems Work!

How Does Solar Work?

Solar panels are composed of photovoltaic (PV) cells that absorb and convert sunlight in direct current (DC) electricity.

An inverter converts this DC electricity into alternating current (AC) electricity used to power your home.

Excess energy produced is sent to the utility grid, and during times of under production such as at night. electricity is drawn from the grid.  Excess energy is banked as energy credits that are applied towards your electric bill.

Benefits of solar

Lower Your Electric Bill!

Based on your energy consumption and the size of your solar system, your electric costs can decrease by as much as 50-100 percent!

Increase Your Property Value!

With an increased demand for sustainable energy sources, adding solar to your home increases its value, allowing you to sell at a higher price compared to traditional electric counterparts.

Protect the Environment!

As a renewable resource, solar energy significantly decreases carbon emissions. Help make Long Island a cleaner place to live for generations to come.

Take Control Of Your Energy!

Voted the number one solar-installation company on Long Island for fourteen years running, SUNation delivers a brilliant bundle of benefits you can take to the bank, including:

  1. Zero Out-of-Pocket costs; SUNation’s solar systems are more affordable than you can imagine!
  2. Ownership of your equipment (which means you, not your solar company, gets to keep all of your generous energy and tax credits).
  3. The best and most durable solar panels available within the solar industry.
  4. A 25-year guarantee on your panels
  5. A locally owned company that is passionately driving to back up every installation with fast, neighborly service.

How Much Will I Save With Solar?

SUNation solar system owners spend far less on electricity than those that do not have a solar system. More than just bringing your utility bill down to a tiny fraction of what it once was, a solar system creates less demand for fossil-fuel-generated power.

With the low-interest solar financing options currently available, SUNation’s customers benefit from positive cash flow right away. More important, SUNation’s solar PV systems are guaranteed to make clean, renewable energy for 25+ years.

Our satisfied Long Island customers save big in another way: their homes appreciate in value. Owning a SUNation system – and not leasing from Big Solar companies – increases the value of your home!

Since 2003, SUNation has installed more than 8,500 efficient solar power systems to satisfy residential and commercial Long Island customers’ monthly electricity bills. We’d love to show you how SUNation can bring you all the benefits of solar power. Call us today to get started, or click the link below.