Solar Benefits

The smartest solution under the sun, a SUNation solar system is more than an environmentally friendly rooftop alternative to reduce your consumption of fossil fuels. Our solar panel systems help lower your monthly bills, saving you money in the long run by empowering you to power your home with the sun for the next 25 years. A SUNation system also increases the value of your home – by about $3 for every watt produced by your system.

Solar as it should be

Voted the number one solar-installation company on Long Island for seven years running, SUNation delivers a brilliant bundle of benefits you can take to the bank, including:

      1. Zero Out-of-Pocket costs (SUNation solar systems are more affordable than you can imagine).
      2. Ownership of your equipment (which means you – not your solar company – get to keep all your generous energy and tax credits).
      3. The best, most durable solar panels available.
      4. A 25-year guarantee on your panels to outlast Big Solar companies’ offerings by an entire decade.
      5. A locally owned company passionately driven to back up every installation with fast, neighborly service.

That’s solar as it should be.

How does it work?

First, your solar system collects sunlight by roof-mounted solar modules. A high-quality inverter then transforms this sunlight from DC power into AC “household” power – the form of electricity used by most standard lights, computers and appliances. You use the power generated by your SUNation system, and draw electricity from the power grid only when you need it (for example, at night).

When your solar system creates more energy than your home consumes, the excess power returns to the PSEG/Con Edison electrical grid (this process is called “net metering”). Each month, you’ll pay only for the difference between what you produce and what you consume. If you produce more energy than you use, and that’s fairly common in spring and summer when the days are longest, you can bank those kilowatt hour credits for use later when you need them.

How much will I save?

SUNation solar power system owners buy far less electricity AND make money selling the excess power. More than just bringing your utility bill down to a tiny fraction of what it once was, a solar system creates less demand for fossil-fuel-generated power.

With the low-interest solar financing currently available, SUNation’s customers have positive cash flow right away. More important, SUNation’s solar PV systems are guaranteed to make clean, renewable energy for 25+ years.

Our satisfied Long Island customers save big in another way: their homes appreciate in value. Owning a SUNation system – and not leasing from Big Solar companies – increases the value of your home by about $3 for every watt of power you install.

Since 2003, SUNation has installed more than 4,000 efficient solar power systems to satisfy residential and commercial Long Island customers alike. We’d love to show you how SUNation can bring you all the benefits of solar power. Call us today to get started, or click the link below.

Ready to Go Solar?

Ready to convert the energy falling on your residential roof into instant savings?