Residential Solar Providers on Long Island

To Big Solar companies, you’re just a number. Coordinates on a map. Kilowatts on a meter. SUNation is a locally-owned residential solar installation company on Long Island. Our kids go to the same schools yours do. Our sales people, engineers, and installers all live in your towns. Our only loyalty is to you – and the more than 7,500 Long Islanders who’ve trusted us with their solar installations since 2003.

You know where we live – and we’d love to know where you live, so we can show you how much you can save by running your own SUNation solar power system.

The Bright Side of Residential Solar Panels

There’s a bright side to solar — and it starts in your wallet. We’ll give you four big reasons to install a high-quality solar power system for your home.

  1. Immediately start saving money on your electric bill.
  2. Enjoy a low cost investment – about 96 percent of our customers have Zero Out-of-Pocket (ZOOP) costs.
  3. “Lock in” your electric rate for the next 30 or 40 years, protecting your family from energy price hikes.
  4. Solar boosts the value of your home (as long as you own – not lease – your solar power system) — the average install (10,000 watts) will raise the value of your home $30,000.

Long Island’s #1 Home Solar Panel Installer

We’re local Long Island people – just like you. And we’re the exact opposite of some carpet bagging Big Solar company with big marketing campaigns to pay for and venture investors to reward. We treat you as our neighbor – not a number – and that’s why we’re the #1 solar panel installer on Long Island. It’s the reason our customers give us such rave reviews (visit our Review section and see for yourself).

The Complete Residential Solar Panel Package

SUNation offers home solar solutions to suit all budgets and applications. Our attractive, economically compelling, home solar power systems are complete packages:

  • ZOOP – Zero Out-of-Pocket expense for most homeowners
  • Reliable 100 percent clean energy for 30+ years
  • Lower PSEG bills
  • Increases the value of your home right away
  • SUNation handles all utility and permit paperwork
  • No hidden fees or charges
  • Low-interest financing available
  • Full Service provider

Get Residential Solar

Ready to convert the energy falling on your residential roof into instant savings?