All across the United States, homeowners are eager to make the switch to solar. A technologically advanced source of energy, solar has – year after year – become exponentially more effective. In fact, systems installed in 2022 saw a record-breaking 26% jump in power generation efficacy, leading solar energy to account for over 5% of the globe’s power production. Solar’s newfound prominence is a step in the right direction for our planet. Greenhouse gas emissions, air and water pollution, and our carbon footprints have all significantly decreased as a direct result of solar. As our society aims to achieve a cleaner, more sustainable future for our planet, solar energy is certainly bringing us closer to our goal.

What is Solar Energy?

Solar energy is an eco-friendly source of energy that can be installed on your home, business, or other properties. This clean energy solution translates the sun’s radiant light into electricity through the use of an intricately designed system of metal panels. The panels’ photovoltaic (PV) cells absorb sunlight, triggering a movement of electrical charges that eventually results in the flow of energy. By replenishing its energy at a much higher rate than us earthlings can consume it, the sun provides one of the most abundant energy sources available today. Since it is as reliable as it is sustainable, solar has quickly become one of the fastest growing electricity sources in the United States.

How Does Solar Energy Work?

Solar energy is simply the conversion of sunlight into electricity. By harnessing the power of PV cells, an intricately designed system of solar panels converts the sun’s rays into energy at the atomic level. The panels then generate direct current (DC) electricity. Since your everyday electronics and lights don’t run on DC electricity, it must be converted to the grid’s alternating current (AC). This process is made possible through the use of an inverter, one of the most vital parts of the clean energy system. Without the inverter, the electricity created by your solar panels is unusable.

Any excess energy that is generated by your solar system is sent to the local power utility where you will receive a credit, an exchange known as net metering. With net metering, earned credits can be used to offset future electricity costs. Your solar system works seamlessly with your home and the power grid to draw less electricity from your local power plant, thus saving you money year after year.

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What Makes Solar Energy Renewable?

Renewable energy is defined as any source of energy that replenishes naturally and that does not run out over time. This is exactly what occurs when solar panels absorb sunlight and convert it into an electrical current. During this process, no fossil fuels are used and instead, the clean rays from the sun are used to power a home, business, or community. Since the sunlight never runs out, this energy source is considered renewable and one of the cleanest sources of electricity available.

Solar is Beneficial to the Environment

It isn’t just consumers who benefit from solar energy. Indeed, this clean energy solution offers numerous advantages for our natural environment. To name a few, solar energy helps to protect the vitality of our planet in the following ways:

  • Solar decreases air and water pollution by decreasing our reliance on power plants.
  • Decreases your carbon footprint by reducing greenhouse gas emissions and reliance on fossil fuels.
  • Panel materials can be reused to make a new system – or even recycled for other uses.
  • Development of new infrastructure is not required. A solar system does not require you to construct a new building in order to work.

SUNation Cares Program

To speak further on the benefits of solar energy in terms of recycling, the SUNation Cares Program encourages the reuse of materials and the decrease of resources in landfills. Giving the gift of electricity to Long Island, NY, the not-for-profit SUNation Cares Program works to donate solar panels and the cost of a solar installation to those in need to help alleviate their expenses with lower electricity bills. In doing so, the company is able to prevent discarded material from entering landfills and from contributing to the planet’s pollution crisis. Through their efforts, SUNation Cares has donated to deserving families of children with special needs, to families of Long Island veterans, and to families struggling with finances due to medical issues and medical priorities.

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If you find yourself looking for more information about solar as a renewable source of energy, the team at SUNation Energy is pleased to help. When looking to install a solar system in your home on Long Island and now in the Tampa, Florida area, the trusted experts will walk you through the components of the renewable energy source to ensure that all your concerns are clarified. SUNation Energy is happy to meet your solar needs. Call today to start your journey with solar energy as a renewable source at (631) 750-9454 or schedule a free consultation online

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