Enphase Encharge Battery Backup

Ensure Your Home Stays POWERED ON During Grid Outages!

Enphase Encharge Battery Backup

When the grid is down, you will have power! Enphase energy management is a self-sufficient system that will switch itself on right away in the case that your home loses grid power. Provides a total usable capacity of 10.1kWh.

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  • Does not contain high-voltage DC batteries.
  • Composed of lithium ion phosphate battery chemistry.
  • End-to-end AC-coupled system


  • Ability to tailor to personal needs of any size, small or large.
  • Storm Guard detected severe weather and prioritizes storage load


  • Contains no moving parts that will break over the years.
  • Third-generation storage technology.
  • Will not be a single point of failure in that case that this occurs.

Easily To Manage

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