Storm season is around the corner, and with it comes the potential risk of power outages. If the power grid goes down during a storm, it’s possible that thousands of people can be without electricity for days. Without electricity, families may not have the ability to safely store perishable food, or even communicate with others for help, if needed. Storms are often very stressful, but if you have solar panels and a backup battery, you’ll be able to seamlessly continue using electricity in your home.

Although people are often concerned about how solar power can endure severe storms, new solar technologies are constantly being made to adapt to harsh weather conditions. Whether you already own a solar panel system or you’re considering solar power for your home, here’s what you need to know about using a backup battery during storm season.

How Solar Energy Storage Works

Solar panels absorb the sun’s energy to create electricity, which in turn, powers your home and appliances. Solar panels create direct current (DC) electricity, but most homes need alternate current (AC) electricity to work. With the help of a solar inverter, the DC electricity from the sun is converted to alternate current (AC) electricity to power your home. Energy is stored anytime sunlight hits the panels, feeding extra electricity back into the grid. Despite heavy cloud cover, solar panels can still absorb about 25% of their capacity. Generally, this is enough to keep your essential appliances running day and night.

However, because DC electricity must be converted to AC electricity, solar panels cannot serve as a backup energy source if the grid goes down. The risk of losing all power in your home is why it’s essential to invest in solar batteries. Solar batteries safely collect excess solar energy and store it on-site, so it’s ready to be used whenever you need it. Solar batteries give you the ability to use that excess energy at night or during a power outage, offering you more energy independence.

How Storm Season Impacts Your Solar Panels

Solar panels store solar energy even when the sun isn’t out, but they can’t always store enough power to last through multiple storms. That’s why solar panel owners should always have backup power options. If you’re connected to a grid and able to pay the bill, you could use electricity. However, for solar users who are energy independent, the best option is to connect a backup battery to store solar energy for emergency. In case of an emergency, there are battery-powered generator options such as Goal Zero Solar Generators and the Tesla Powerwall.

Unexpected power outages can bring life to a screeching halt if you’re not properly prepared. Whether it’s for a few hours, days, or even weeks, backup batteries like the Goal Zero Home Energy Storage System can keep all your electronics fully charged and operating, regardless of the weather. Goal Zero is a lithium-ion storage battery that equips you with safe, clean, and portable power for emergency backup. You can also integrate Goal Zero directly to your home circuits for seamless backup power.

The Tesla Powerwall is a rechargeable lithium-ion stationary battery. The Tesla Powerwall battery not only stores energy, but it also detects outages and automatically becomes your home’s energy source if the grid goes down. Traditional gasoline generators, on the other hand, are a hassle to maintain, and they cause air and noise pollution. The Tesla Powerwall keeps your home connected and powered without the upkeep, fuel, or noise of gasoline generators. The Tesla Powerwall also allows you to monitor and control your home’s energy production and consumption in real-time. You can set your preferences to optimize savings and outage protection, and you opt for instant alerts and remote access, so you can control your system from anywhere.

Goal Zero and Tesla Powerwall are just some SUNation Solar System’s backup battery options. Call us today at (631) 750-9454 to speak with our team of solar panel experts about what solar and battery system will be best for your home’s needs.

Why Invest in a Backup Battery?

Storms are highly unpredictable and can pose a serious threat to your home’s solar panels. You never know when a severe storm will cause a power outage, so you may want to consider investing in a backup battery for your home. To put it simply, solar power will not serve as a backup generator during a storm. This is why backup batteries are essential if you want to maintain power in your home during a storm. Whether you live in a heavily populated neighborhood or a rural area far from city limits, a backup battery is an ideal way to improve your solar panel’s reliability. Not only do backup batteries ensure power during inclement weather, they will also help you reduce, or even eliminate, your electricity bill and your need for traditional electricity.

If your solar system goes down along with the grid, it can backfeed the power and cause electric shocks, which can be incredibly dangerous or even lethal. However, a solar backup battery will keep your power on during even the harshest of storms. With a completed solar and battery backup system, you can keep your home running for days after losing power from the grid.

How Can SUNation Solar Systems Help?

As Long Island solar panel experts, we at SUNation are dedicated to helping you understand the mechanics of how your system operates and what happens when the power goes out. We take pride in our solar energy installation services, and we aim to install a solar energy system that provides your home with clean, affordable energy. Our SUNation team is happy to provide you with expert advice on off-grid energy and how to make your home more self-sufficient, not only during storm season but all year long.

If you want to become energy independent, reduce or eliminate your electric bill, and invest in renewable energy, it’s time for you to switch to solar power.

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