Can switching to SUNation Solar Systems save me money?

Yes! While there’s the common misconception that going solar is expensive, in reality over 96% of our customers experience Zero Out Of Pocket costs. We are upfront about all our fees and offer low and no-interest loans to make going solar even more affordable. 

SUNation customers generally start saving on their electric bills in the first month after their systems are installed. Most customers lock in their solar payments for a term of about 15 years, protecting them from the increase in utility rates their neighbors would pay, thus earning them even more savings!

There is a cost of $0.36 per day to stay connected to PSEGLI, whether you power your home with SUNation solar panels or not. Con Edison’s basic service charge is around $16 per month. If your custom-designed system overproduces and you apply those credits to that basic service charge, your first annual bill could actually be negative. Speak with one of our representatives today to learn more at 631-750-9454.

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