What is Net Metering?

Simply put, Net Metering is a billing system that allows you to bank credits with the power grid when your solar system over-produces and then use those credits when you under-produce.

Typically, what happens is that during longer daylight periods, like the summer, solar panels systems can work to generate more energy than your home is producing. That excess energy gets sent to your local power supply, for example PSEGLI or ConEd, where you’ll be given a credit. Other times in the year when the days are shorter and there’s less sunlight, like the winter, your system will most likely produce less energy than your home is using. When that happens, you can use the credits you previous stored with your power utility. This can also apply to when the home needs to use power at night or on overcast days when your system isn’t producing as much as it would on a clear, sunny day.

Net Metering & Homeowners

With Net Metering, when a homeowner is billed for their energy use, they are only being charged for the difference between their banked credits and any additional energy they’ve used afterwards. This is also known as the “net” energy used.

This system allows homeowners the opportunity to take control over their electricity bills. By producing their own power through solar energy, they can use live or banked energy to power their home throughout the year. By monitoring energy produced through the free app available when you get a SUNation solar system, homeowners can see just how much energy they’re under- or over-producing so there are no surprises when that monthly or yearly bill comes along.

Net Metering & Solar

Solar companies work with each homeowner’s energy use along with their roof size and placement to design a solar panel system that will offset as much energy as possible to keep those bills as low as possible, sometimes even eliminating them altogether.

It’s a common misconception that by going solar you’re going “off the grid,” when in fact you’re still tied to the grid. Through Net Metering that dynamic between your home’s solar system and the power grid works to benefit you by lowering your energy bills each month, no matter the weather.

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