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Ronkonkoma, NY – SUNation Solar Systems, Inc. of Ronkonkoma, New York announced today that it will be providing a solar electric-generating system, including design, permitting, installation and monitoring with a lifetime service plan to a local, Long Island veteran. SUNation will be working with JVC Broadcasting’s LI NEWS Radio 103.9 and News Director Jay Oliver to find the perfect Long Island Veteran to be the recipient of this program.

Scott Maskin, Chairman of the Board of Directors of SUNation Cares, a nonprofit, said “It’s a privilege for us to be able to provide the gift of electricity to a veteran and his or her family and we are thrilled to be working with JVC Broadcasting and Jay Oliver to find the perfect candidate.”  There will be no cost whatsoever to the veteran or his family chosen.

Matt Goldapper, Vice President of News Operations for JVC Broadcasting said, “103.9 LI News Radio and all the stations of the JVC family are proud to be working with such a great company like SUNation to help get the word out about this terrific program that will change the life of a Long Island Veteran and their family.  This is why we created LI News Radio”.

Jay Oliver local morning show host added, “What a great way to provide a “thank you” to the brave men and women who have served our country”.

Beginning on September 6, 2016, nominations will be accepted at  Those wishing to nominate a veteran in need for a rooftop solar PV electric-generating system are encouraged to apply.  The veteran nominated shall reside in the home and the home should be his or her primary residence.   SUNation Cares is planning to donate more than one solar system to a veteran this year and looks to expand this program in 2017 to help even more veterans and their families.  Winners will be announced on Wednesday September 28th on the Jay Oliver show at 8am on LI News Radio, 103.9 FM.  JVC Media is currently working in conjunction with SUNation’s CEO, Scott Maskin, to get the message our to our Long Island Veteran’s community about this opportunity.

This system will provide electricity to meet the needs of the veteran or his family nominated through the website at and chosen by SUNation Cares board members.  Nominations may begin at 8am on Tuesday, September 6th,

Tune in at 103.9 FM or on listen on line at and you can follow the program at

About JVC Broadcasting

JVC Broadcasting was formed in July 2009.  The company operates over one dozen radio stations.  Four stations in the Nassau, Suffolk Long Island market, five stations in the West Palm Beach, Florida market and four stations serving Florida’s Gainesville, Ocala area and one in Orlando.  In addition the company operates Long Island Events a premier NTR facilitator and the operator of The Pennysaver Amphitheater a 7000 person outdoor concert event facility on Long Island.  We broadcast, and present with the mindset that if we under promise and over deliver, have integrity in all of our relationships and create an atmosphere of high energy fun and excitement , our results will be exceptional for our clients, listeners and our families.  For additional information, visit



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