Selling Your Home with Solar Panels on Long Island

When it comes to selling your home with solar panels already installed, there are several opportunities that work to your advantage. Whether it’s giving a new homeowner the chance to move into an eco-friendly home or the increased home value that comes with a solar energy system, you can benefit from the smart investment you […]

Future-Proof Your Home From Rising Energy Costs

As electricity costs continue to rise nation-wide, homeowners are seeking ways to future-proof their homes against increasing expenses. While it may seem like so much is beyond your control, there is a way to take control of your energy costs, and that’s with a solar energy installation. With solar panels, not only can homeowners reduce […]

The SPAN Smart Electrical Panel: Automate Your Energy

With the rising costs of energy and the effects of climate change, homeowners are seeking more efficient ways to manage their energy use and keep costs down. In addition to sustainable solutions like solar energy, backup battery storage, and EV charging, upgrading your home’s electrical panel to the SPAN Smart Electrical Panel is the most […]

Why These Long Island Businesses Switched To Solar

Written by Tara DelBianco, SUNation Energy When most people think of solar energy, they think of residential solar, but through commercial solar programs, like the kind the SUNation Energy Commercial team offers, local businesses on Long Island can gain the same benefits solar homeowners can. When I first started working in the solar industry, most […]

SUNation Roofing Now GAF Master Elite Certified

Less than a year after it’s official launch in the Fall of 2022, SUNation Roofing, the newest department and service offered by SUNation Energy, is now GAF Master Elite Certified to provide the best in roofing repair and replacement services. This certification not only cements SUNation as leading installers, but opens the door for expanded […]

2023 Solar Tax Credits and Renewable Energy Incentives

You may already know that switching to solar energy can both decrease your energy bills and decrease pollution, but did you know you can also save on your solar installation? With current tax credits and incentives for the 2023 year, there are a number of ways to save when you switch to renewable energy, whether […]

Is Maintenance Required on Solar Panel Systems?

For homeowners, it’s not only important to find money-saving solutions for your home, but solutions that will last and make the most of your investment. When it comes to solar energy, you can get both with lower monthly energy bills and an easy-to-follow maintenance plan facilitated by the qualified professionals at SUNation. Despite being made […]

Do Solar Panels Work at Night and on Cloudy Days?

solar panels at night

As the name would suggest, solar panels produce clean, renewable energy by taking in light from the sun during the day and transforming it into electricity for your home. There’s just one question. Since your home and appliances need energy around the clock, can you still get electricity from your solar panels when the sun […]

How Many Solar Panels Does My Home Need?

solar panels on home

As interest in solar energy continues to grow, you many have noticed an increase in solar panels popping up on rooftops of neighboring homes and businesses. You may also have noticed that, like snowflakes, no two solar panel arrays are exactly the same. Each array varies in the number of solar panels installed along with […]

Pineapple Energy Merges With SUNation Energy

Ronkonkoma, New York – November 10, 2022 – Pineapple Energy Inc. (“Pineapple,” “Pineapple Energy” or the “Company”), a leading provider of sustainable solar energy and back-up power to households and small businesses, today announced the merger with SUNation Energy (“SUNation”), a New York-based installer of solar and battery energy storage systems for residential and small […]