Whether you’re new to the world of energy efficiency (EE) or you’ve been passionate about saving energy for some time now, you’ll want to get familiar with this year’s line-up of the latest energy efficient tech.

But Why Go Energy Efficient?

For most people, reducing power bills is the prime reason for taking an interest in this technology.  Conventional devices or appliances may give you the same output as their energy efficient counterparts, but they will significantly consume more “juice”.  As a result, you’ll eventually have to “pay back” the money you saved upfront in the form of higher energy costs down the line.

So, energy-conscious homeowners know that they’re better off investing a little more at the start (by way of a higher price tag) and recuperating those costs in different ways.  Aside from using less power to achieve the same result, you’ll cut costs through government sponsored rebates, tax returns and other types of grants.  This of course varies from country to country, so it’s best to check with your local municipality about this.

Oliver Smith from Glazing Expert has said “Despite government efforts to curb energy efficiency products like double glazing and solar panels by reducing grants, the UK is innovating at pace and managing to keep up with the rest of the world”.

The other more altruistic motivation is the environmental benefits you’ll get from using EE technology.  With the threat of climate change looming over the world at an exponential rate, more and more world leaders have consolidated their efforts to reverse its effects.  The Paris Agreement for instance, is a recent consensus the world’s leaders have reached in order to diffuse the effects of global warming.  So, EE products are a more immediate way you can ease the burden on the planet while using the power you need at home.

With that said, let’s get into this year’s hottest consumer tech making waves in the EE scene:

#10: Tricklestar 7 Outlet Advanced PowerStrip

Ever heard of “phantom load”? It’s a catchy term for standby power, which is basically wasted energy used by appliances on standby mode.  Over time, this can accumulate to a sizeable chunk of your electricity bill.  To plug the leaks in your energy use, smart powerstrips such as Tricklestar’s latest model can help you with this.

It’s designed to switch off inactive appliances plugged into it by using a combination of a timer and IR sensor that detects remote control activity (and lack thereof).  Aside from that, it features ceramic surge protection to keep your devices from shorting during adverse weather conditions, along with 40dB noise filtering.

#9: LIFX (A19) Wi-Fi Smart LED Light Bulb

With smart devices on the rise in the consumer electronics market, light bulbs are evolving with the times.  This one is a fine example of that as it’s clearly targeted at the tech-savvy users who like all their appliances interconnected within their home network.

Using a downloadable app, you can easily adjust the level of intensity and hues of the LIFX bulbs via your preferred platform, such as Amazon Echo, Nest and Google Home.  Sci-fi fans will especially get a kick out of being able to customize their lighting experience at home with the sound of their voice.  Say goodbye to energy-wasting old-school bulbs that operate on full strength, all the time!

#8: Lutron MS-OPS5M-WH Maestro-White collection 5Amp Switch

Don’t let the lengthy name throw you off. In a nutshell, this is another home lighting solution that will save you power in the long run.  While it doesn’t have an app-based interface, Lutron’s motion-activated system makes this light switch quite intelligent in its own right.  If you’re particularly forgetful about leaving the lights on, you’ll have one less thing on your mind because the lights automatically go out when you’re not in the room.  Plus, you can opt to manually turn on the lights and have it go off when no one’s inside – and better yet, a light sensor that triggers the “off” function at daytime.

#7: Integrity Windows Ultrex Fiberglass Slider

Want to reduce heating costs during the colder parts of the year?  Then you’ll need to invest in windows that let as little heat as possible escape from your home.  Glazed windows, in particular, are good at reducing heat loss, thanks to features like UV resistance, emissivity resistance, and higher efficiency.

What all of that means is you’ll spend less to stay warm and toasty inside. Integrity’s latest offering is great for people who are pressed for space, thanks to its sliding panel design.  The LoE2 tempered glass itself is built to withstand breakage and conserve energy with its insulated design.  There are loads of glazing and insulation options as well, so you’ll easily find one that matches your needs.

#6: Dyson V6 Absolute

Keep the dust bunnies away and save power with Dyson’s sleek cordless battery-powered V6 iteration.  This one has an Energy Class A++ rating, but more than double the suction power of other cordless models.

Allergy sufferers will particularly find relief in its specially designed filtration system that captures episode-inducing allergens.  Deep cleaning is what Dyson is all about – thanks to the direct-drive system, it makes the most of the cleaner head’s bristles to trap all manner of dirt and debris.

#5: KitchenAid Architect Series II Top Control Dishwasher

This brand is widely known for its cleaning efficiency.  This model upholds that tradition with its thorough, deep cleaning action while boasting an Energy Star qualified rating.  It quietly does its work with a dBA sound rating of 45. This allows you to get the dishes done even if you have company or it’s the middle of the night.  A stainless steel build ensures no unpleasant smells and a robust drying action.  Also, the ProScrub option and Advanced ProDry system work together to give you the best possible washing experience and an anti-moisture cycle.

#4: High Sierra’s All Metal High Efficiency Low Flow Showerhead

While conventional showerheads pump about 2.5 gallons of water per minute (GPM), High Sierra’s nifty design keeps the good times flowing at a modest 1.5 GPM.  Lower consumption doesn’t just translate to lower water bills, however. It also means using less energy to heat your relaxing shower at the end of a long day.  Made up of a solid metal body and a clog-free nozzle, you’ll enjoy maximum savings without compromising your experience.

#3: 30 Tube Duda Solar Water Heater Collector

But don’t stop at reducing your water consumption.  You can squeeze even more savings out of your shower when you bypass your traditional water heater altogether.  Off-grid solar water heaters are gaining more popularity such as this model that offers an evacuated tube-based setup. Placed at an angle, the slope roof configuration makes the most of sunlight heat and allows passive tube tracking for better heating.  You get the best of both worlds with the benefits of hot water at home, while saving a considerable amount on artificial energy use.

#2: Tesla Powerwall

Perhaps the priciest product on this list, this home battery system allows you to power your house at optimal times, such as past sundown or when grid rates are high.  Whether you’re hooked up to a solar power system or a traditional grid, the Powerwall will store energy and make use of it when it counts.

It also doubles as a home energy monitoring system that helps you keep a close eye on your consumption via their mobile app.  However, the Powerwall requires an active Internet connection so it can interact with the app and download essential updates from time to time. All in all, you’ll drastically cut down on fossil fuel use – and on a larger scale, your carbon footprint.

#1: Frigidaire 10000 Btu Cool Connect Smart Window Air Conditioner w/ Wifi Control

We saved the coolest for last.  This window mounted cooling system has a total range of up to 450 square feet plus a 2017 Energy Star rating with an energy efficiency ratio (EER) of 12.0. Again, those will allergies will be glad to know this model comes with an air ionizing feature that gets rid of offending particles to avoid bouts of sneezing.  And as the name indicates, you get all the smart features to keep you updated with real-time diagnostics.

Thanks to the complementary mobile app, you can get instant updates on its clean filter status and other vital functions. Also, manage your energy use with through the wireless, on-screen app controls, such as remote on/off, fan speed and thermostat.  Having a highly customized operation schedule means you can keep cool only when you need to so you don’t waste energy.


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