SUNation kicks off its SUNation Solar Express

SUNation kicks off its SUNATION Solar Express 01/15/2010 CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR ESSAY WINNERS: Gianna DeRusso – Mrs. Savino’s class Emma Schneider – Ms. Griffith’s class Sophia Lee – Mrs. Bankoff’s class SUNATION Solar Express kicked off it’s traveling solar education program with all the 5th grade students at Idle Hour Elementary School in Oakdale on January 11th. SUNATIONS’ own Scott Maskin presented a power point on energy conservation. They discussed alternative energy solutions, recycling, ‘electricity vampires’, and much more. Each student made and took home a solar powered boat, played with solar powered toys, and sang solar karaoke. The students signed an Environmental Awareness Pledge, and received certificates for participation. They were also given a 250 word essay: What can my family and I do to conserve energy? One winner per class was chosen. Each winner received an awards certificate and a solar powered gift. Winning essays were published in all Idle Hour School publications, as well as here, our Facebook, and Twitter. They will also be published in the Green Kids section of, which is written and produced by Newsday Community Affairs. Next stop? Oakdale-Bohemia Middle School. Look for our OBMS essay winners. Call if you would like information on our program. Related Links Read Gianna’s essay Read Emma’s essay Read Sophia’s essay

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