By Jessica Bartels, Copywriter, SUNation Solar Systems

RONKONKOMA, NY, October 30, 2018– SUNation Solar Systems has been awarded a 2018 Top Workplaces honor by Newsday, a list based on employee feedback gathered through a survey conducted by Energage, which measures several aspects of workplace culture.

“Top Workplaces is more than just recognition,” said Doug Claffey, CEO of Energage. “Our research shows organizations that earn the award attract better talent, experience lower turnover, and are better equipped to deliver bottom-line results. Their leaders prioritize and carefully craft a healthy workplace culture that supports employee engagement.”

SUNation Solar Systems on Long Island employs over 140 team members that are regarded as solar family. Co-Founders, Scott Maskin and Mike Bailis, are committed to a specific work culture at SUNation and create that environment strategically. A collaboration of like-minded individuals who share values of family and community, an enjoyable workplace and the environment, is the “secret sauce that makes SUNation so special,” says Scott. Scott and Mike recognize the importance of prioritizing an individual’s humanity, with the understanding that personal fulfillment is necessary for establishing a productive, positive and committed workforce. A “family first” approach promotes personal well-being and ensures that their employees enjoy a fulfilling work culture. In turn, the team is genuinely invested in what they do, and when you employ people who are passionate about their jobs, they care about results. Scott recognizes, “When you create the right environment, you can’t lose.”

On top of SUNation’s more typical incentives of “Better Pay, Better Benefits, Better Company,” employees enjoy a wide variety of unique workplace perks that foster teamwork, camaraderie and unity. The team participates in special dress days at work such as flannel Friday, Hawaiian shirt day and jersey day. There are bi-weekly spin classes, a beach volleyball team and the Tough Mudder (a teamwork-based obstacle course and run). Birthdays are celebrated monthly in the office with a plethora of desserts, and in the summertime, Scott fires up the grill in the back parking lot for companywide BBQs. Special events such as dinners, paint nights, winery tours and holiday and summer parties, allow employees to socialize outside of the office and build stronger relationships that carry over into a more familiar and comfortable workplace. But perhaps the greatest perk of all is puppies. On any given workday, employees enjoy working with a puppy nestled in their lap from the most recent Last Chance Animal Rescue litter that Scott has helped whelp and foster, just one of SUNation’s many philanthropic engagements. The result of this collaboration of activities is a contented group of people who realize they have found a second family in SUNation, and as such, value their jobs for what they are worth and demonstrate a sense of appreciation and loyalty through their work output.

“This recognition is validation that our employees embrace their jobs and the philosophy that we continually strive to instill at SUNation,” Scott remarks. “We are proud employers of a team of good people full of vibrancy and youth that enjoy being part of a family environment, and serve as the backbone of our achievements.”

“Becoming a Top Workplace isn’t something organizations can buy,” Claffey said. “It’s an achievement organizations have worked for and a distinction that gives them a competitive advantage. It’s a big deal.”

About Energage, LLC
Headquartered in Exton, Pa., Energage (formerly known as WorkplaceDynamics) is a leading provider of technology-based employee engagement tools that help leaders to unlock potential, inspire performance, and achieve amazing results within their organizations. The research partner behind the Top Workplaces program, Energage has surveyed more than 47,000 organizations representing well over 16 million employees in the United States.

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