Message from our CEO Scott Maskin:
SUNation Solar Systems and I are so proud to announce this today. Our non-profit SUNation Cares, will be donating the gift of electricity for life through a free solar system to a LI Veteran’s Family. At this time we will not be releasing the family’s name but the story is all too common. The father of the family entered the Marines at 18 to protect our freedom and served two tours in Iraq and one in Afghanistan. He then joined the LIRR as a signalman, however continued to suffer severely from PTSD and tragically took his own life this past February. He left a wife who works with the NYPD and three small boys, 10, 5 and 3 years old. On or about 11/11/16, Veterans Day, we will eliminate the burden of an electric bill for this family FOREVER. It’s a small gesture but one my team is so proud to be part of. You all know how much I love my SUNation family and our business and I couldn’t be prouder today. We hope to donate 2-4 systems per year, there are so many in need

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