SUNation named to the Solar Power World Top 250 Solar Contractors List

SUNation named to the Solar Power World Top 250 Solar Contractors List 09/12/2013 Oakdale, NY – Solar Power World, the solar industry’s leading media resource with its print publication, web site and social media outlets, today released the industry’s most definitive ranking of solar installers. The Top 250 Solar Contractors list offers the industry a look at how they stack up against their peers across all solar markets “Óresidential, commercial and utility systems. Coming in at No. 123 is Oakdale-based SUNation Solar Systems. This is the second year in a row that SUNation has been named to the list – the only Long Island based company to do so. Last year Solar Power World released a list of the Top 100 Contractors and SUNation was No. 78 – out of 100. Not too shabby. This year Solar Power World received so many applications they expanded the list to 250 solar contractors. This achievement puts SUNation in rarefied company, and this kind of accomplishment is truly worth celebrating. The ranking includes companies small and large, privately owned and publicly traded. This is thanks to you our SUNation family members (those we already know and those who will be joining our family in the future). We couldn’t have gotten here without you. THANK YOU!!

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