Kudos from a new SUNation solar family member

Kudos from a new SUNation solar family member 11/25/2014 John Flanagan, a new SUNation solar customer as of October 2014, is so happy with his new solar panels he shared with us a few key points in why he chose SUNation and wanted to make sure our team members were told what a great job they did.We want to share that with you… the readers of this story. And yet another reason why you should choose a local solar installation company. You don’t get the “family” vibe when you choose an out of state solar installer. As per Mr. Flanagan: “My salesman, Mike Copeland, was very professional, knowledgeable, personable and accommodating. The same can be said for everyone I came into contact with. The installation crew was well coordinated and well executed. In addition to service upgrades and owner induced complications, there were some some long standing open items with the Town and major landscaping ongoing to the front of the house making ladder work and panel installation more difficult. Each issue was extremely well handled by those involved. At the risk of leaving someone out I would like to thank field personnel Mike Copeland, Christine Cathcart, Scott Sousa, Brian Karp and Harry Belechto. The office personnel included Scott Maskin, Nicole Sousa, Gina Carrara, Tara DelBianco and Tammy Lea. I can’t say enough good things about each of them. Always personable, efficient and effective, and going the extra mile. SUNation is very fortunate to have such a professional team working for them. I will always be very grateful to each of them for their efforts, patience and excellent work.” What more can we say? Another satisfied SUNation solar family member sums it all up so nicely. Go local for your solar installation. Choose SUNation. Become a part of our solar family and your only regret will be that you didn’t go solar sooner.

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