“It’s crazy,” said Mike Bailis, vice president of SUNation in Oakdale, one of the largest local players. “I can’t get enough good people. We’ve doubled the business in capacity, and revenue. The biggest problem I’m having is just getting [building] permits.”

SUNation’s 2014 revenue is set to more than double this year, he said, to $20 million-plus, while installations also will double to more than 600, up from 300 in 2014. The company just bought a 20,000- square-foot building in Ronkonkoma and has 70 employees, double last year’s head count.

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Credit: Harrington, Mark. “Long Island’s solar-energy industry booming.” Newsday Online.16 October. 2015. (http://www.newsday.com/business/long-island-s-solar-energy-industry-booming-1.10972189)


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