SUNation Solar installing 700kW for IVY Enterprises, Inc. 10/09/2013 SUNation Solar Systems, Inc., based in Long Island, NY has begun construction of two separate solar arrays totaling 717,920 watts for IVY Enterprises, Inc. of Port Washington. When completed the 2,564 SOLON SOLquickTM integrated solar module and racking units will have an annual production of over 892,000 kWh of clean renewable energy for the life of the system. Building responsibly and sustainably has always been the driving force for Jack Kulka of Kulka Construction, who brought SUNation in to the project during the design stages of the new warehouse at 3 Seaview Boulevard in Port Washington. The project, funded by the commercial equipment finance department of M&T Bank, will receive $344,000 in funding from the LIPA commercial solar rebate program and will produce approximately $150,000 annually – offsetting about 1/3 of the load of the existing warehouse and 1/2 of the new building. IVY Enterprises’s construction team, headed by Jin Kim, has been committed to this project and responsibly reducing the long term operating costs associated with manufacturing and distribution. To our knowledge this is the largest renewable energy project in North Hempstead and we encourage local businesses large and small to consider projects of this nature. “The cost analysis of these investments speak for themselves and we look forward to reaping the benefits for the near and distant future. It was simply the right decision for our company, our employees and the environment,” said Kim. See a related article on Solar Industry Magazine’s website:

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