*Important Announcement for SolarEdge Customers from the SUNation Service Department*
Have you experienced the following?
– My SolarEdge App shows that my system is not producing.
– I checked my inverter and all three LED lights are on, including the fault light.
– I tried pressing the green button and the LED screen would not light up (turn on).
– When I touch the side of my inverter it is warm/hot to the touch and I can hear my fan running.
If so, you are experiencing what SolarEdge has dubbed as Communication Board Lock Out — this has been happening to a few of our SolarEdge customers with no pattern as to who, or why.
When communication board lockout occurs, it is important to know that your solar system IS STILL WORKING!  The inverter is on and running, and all energy production is still being captured by the digital board, which is the main board of the inverter.
It will appear that no production is being made because the communication board is what is affected by this lock up and therefore it is not registering the production. The LED screen will not work when the fault lights come on and the monitoring portal will not show production. It appears as if the system is not working, however the digital board is still working and you are still generating power.
SolarEdge is working on a fix, but it is in beta testing and they will not roll it out until they are certain the issue will be resolved. For now they are recommending a temporary fix of Power Cycling the inverter—turn the red AC handle from ON to OFF and back ON again (some systems will have the AC breaker in their electrical panel, it will be clearly marked as SOLAR).
To verify that your inverter is on you can touch the side, it will be warm to the touch and if you listen closely you will hear the fan running. The best way to verify that it is, in fact running is to check your meter. The meter will be running backwards. This of course will vary depending on the time of day (it must be light out) and what is on in the house. We recommend that you check the meter at the same time every day, up to 3x a day (if possible) as this will give you the most accurate idea.
If your inverter has experienced these symptoms we ask that you please call the SUNation Service department during normal business hours so that we can get you on our Solaredge master list to resolve the issue.  You will be advised of any updates from Solaredge as they become available. 


We appreciate your understanding and patience during this time.  As always, feel free to call our Service department directly if you have any questions at (631) 750-9454.

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