Happy 10 Year Anniversary SUNation Solar Systems!

Happy 10 Year Anniversary SUNation Solar Systems! 06/14/2013 SUNation Solar Systems, an installer of solar panels for residential, commercial and municipal locations, reached a milestone as it celebrated its 10 year anniversary this June. Since its founding, SUNation has become Long Island’s #1 solar contractor with more installations than any other Long Island solar contractor. The company attributes its success to the commitment and dedication of the staff, some of them on board with the company soon after its inception. We are fast approaching our 1,000th installation. According to our records, SUNation has installed to date approximately 8,000,000 watts of solar (over 30,000 solar panels) and our clients are now saving over $2,000,000 per year in off-set energy expenses according to co-founder Mike Bailis. Solar Power World, the solar industry’s leading media resource, named SUNation one of their Top 100 Solar Contractors in 2012. SUNation has also won industry recognition as the number one solar installation company four years in a row in the Long Island Press “Best of Long Island”contest held annually and LIPA’s Solar Contractor of the year twice. Quite frankly SUNation has just scratched the surface by developing the solar market on Long Island over the last 10 years and expects continued traction and market share as the solar market explodes according to SUNation President Scott Maskin. We know that solar is the right decision financially and socially for many of our neighbors and we intend to be their solution to energy independence.

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