I’ve been working in the solar industry for more than 6 years and have worked with many vendors, EPCs and installers.  I have learned about bankability, customer support, quality control, top of the line products and efficient installation methods to name a few.

The Solar PV market is a growing and evolving market.  You must be up to date on the latest technology, code requirements and can keep the utmost quality control while still being competitive in pricing.  At the end of the day, pennies per watt will win you the job.  So why do I choose to work at SUNation?  I will answer this by dividing it into three categories: material, installation and customer support.

Materials and bankability are very important in my book because as a customer you are investing in a 25 year system.  You want to feel safe that your manufacturer’s warranty will be covered for the life of the system.  The solar PV market has seen a lot of promising companies disappear, such as Unisolar, Sharp Solar Division, AE Energy, and Evergreen to name a few.  Leaving the homeowner with no replacement or solution to fix their system.  SUNation chooses tier 1 and bankable products such as LG, Sunpower, Solar Edge and SMA, products that have been in the market for years and continue to evolve to keep up with the changing technologies and demands.  SUNation doesn’t just choose any product to add to their offering line, they make sure they are the right fit for your home and environment.  For example, I see a lot of installations at homes with polycrystalline panels in the Northeast, panels that work better in warmer climates and are less efficient.  SUNation offers monocrystalline panels that have good yielding power during the winter months because these panels work better under low temperatures, not to mention during a season where you have low peak sun hours.

Installation practices are different between companies.  Some save pennies by buying cheap racking and running conduit outside of the roof and the house. Installing on old roofs just to make the sale is also a bad a practice that I have seen throughout the industry.  SUNation values your home and takes no shortcuts when it comes to installing a system.  They make sure the roof is in top condition and makes sure their work won’t void the warranty.  I have seen installers go above and beyond to make sure that the system being installed looks aesthetically pleasing by hiding cables and conduit if possible.  SUNation takes no shortcuts and makes the installation process as simple as possible for the homeowner.

This brings me to customer support.  After investing in a 25 year system, you want to be able to talk to a live person to explain the permit process, installation questions, close out packages and fixing your system.  SUNation is a Long Island based solar company that sees their customers as family and not a dollar sign. I have seen this with many companies, that after the sale is done, they return calls later or pass them on to the manufacturer’s representative.  SUNation has different departments that work well together under one roof, to answer any question a customer may have. I have seen the owners of the company personally call customers to make sure their system is running to their expectations and that level of commitment is hard to find.  The fact that their work is based solely and primarily on Long Island gives it the advantage to help and solve any problem a homeowner might have.

This is why I work for SUNation.  Their dedication to offering the best for the customer, from top and bankable manufacturers to making sure you have the right system to meet your needs.  I would recommend them to anyone because they are here to stay and you can count on them during the life of your system.

By Emilio Arrieta, Commercial Engineering Project Manager




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