Designs for Vision Goes Solar with SUNation Solar Systems

RONKONOMA, NY, June 19, 2019- Designs for Vision Inc., the leading  manufacturer of precision optics and lighting for the medical and dental fields transitioned to solar this past February. The 525,000 plus KW solar system that covers the roof of their Bohemia based headquarters was installed by SUNation Solar Systems, a local solar company based in Long Island. The clean, green solar system will offset 65% of the building’s electric usage.

Scott Maskin, Co-Founder and CEO of SUNation personally developed this commercial solar project. SUNation is focused on the local Long Island economy. ” We set out 16 years ago with very specific goals, to help residents and business on Long Island prosper. Designs for Vision, Inc. is an example of what can be achieved when businesses partner locally.”

Designs for Vision, Inc. made the commitment in 2017 to both SUNation and solar while planning their expansion into a new 65,000 square foot headquarters. Despite almost doubling their space, through energy efficient lighting, HVAC, and solar they have actually decreased their carbon footprint and line item energy costs, which is central to the sustainable responsibility of Designs for Vision, Inc.’s culture and mission.

“SUNation provided complete services to Designs for Vision, Inc.,” said CFO Herb Schwartz. “Amidst all of the stress of a complete corporate build out and move, SUNation made the solar process effortless. We chose SUNation for several reasons, their flawless reviews, knowledge of the process and the fact that their facility is less than two miles away gave us tremendous confidence for servicing. We are already enjoying the results of our decision.”

About Designs for Vision Inc.

Designs for Vision Inc. is a world leading manufacturer of precision optics and lighting for the medical and dental fields. Headquartered in Bohemia, NY, the company has grown to operate seventy-three offices worldwide. Design for Vision’s mission has remained constant over its’ sixty years of operation; through research and development, to help people from all walks of life better realize their full potential through better vision. Over 100,000 of Designs for Vision’s specialized optical products are in use by surgeons and dentists on a daily basis in their on-going efforts to relieve pain and improve the quality of life. Tens of thousands of visually impaired people participate more fully in everyday life with the use of these products. Designs for Vision is a privately-owned company committed to a “Growth Through Contribution” mentality and a determination to exemplify “What’s Right About Made in America.”

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