Beginning Recovery after Sandy 11/07/2012 Long Islanders are beginning the recovery process after superstorm Sandy. Our main office is back up and running and we are ready to address any issues you may be having with your solar panels or electrical and plumbing needs. SUNation suffered minor losses but we are pleased to say that only a few of our solar family members sustained minimal amounts of damage to their solar systems. For the most part as LIPA restored power our installed systems simply restarted as if there was no interruption. After last week’s storm many of our customers are seeking the experience of a plumber to assist them with their plumbing needs. Did you know that SUNation has on staff a full service plumbing division with licensed master plumbers? We are the only solar contractor on Long Island that can do this in house with no sub-contracting. As an existing customer you are already aware of the experience, credentials, proven track record, financing capability, lowest price, highest quality and efficiency of modules that we offer. Why not give our plumbing division a try too? We are receiving many calls and e-mails regarding the use of battery back up systems or the possibility of using a generator. Unfortunately we feel that as time goes on, the frequency and duration of our storm exposure will grow. The options of back up generators and storage systems are real and our representatives would be happy to discuss them with you. Give us a call at 631-750-9454 and we can get you some information on the options available to you. In the past few days we’ve received some e-mails from customers that we wanted to share with you: “To date, my solar system, and that of my two friends, who also have solar provided by you, have had no problems or issues with our systems. Your crews installed our systems this past summer, and due to their fine craftsmanship, we are still operational, after, Sandy, the worst storm on record. So, thank you for a job, well done. We will be sure to recommend you in the future.” – Ken P. “I have no damage and am very thankful for that, the system came through with no problems.” – Laurie K. “I was concerned, but we didn’t lose power and did make some KW – but not much. Last year I was out for over a week. I’m sorry to hear the rest of the east coast is not so lucky.” – Gene S. We hope that your families are safe and we will weather these storms together. If there is any help we can give please ask – 631-750-9454.

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