General Questions:

What will SUNation do for Level Customers?

SUNation was contracted by the US Bank, NY Green Bank and Level Solar to service all Level customers.  They will perform three levels of service:

  1. Financial Administration: monthly invoicing, process monthly ACH payments, UCC filings, reporting, etc.
  2. Operations and Maintenance: monitor, troubleshoot, phone support and on-site help with the operations of the solar systems.
  3. Installations: Complete the required steps for all remaining Level Solar customers.

Will SUNation honor my contract?

Yes, SUNation will honor your existing Level Solar Power Purchase Agreement.

As a customer what should I expect with this relationship change?

You should expect the same quality service you are accustomed to. Nothing will change. You did your part to help the environment by agreeing to go solar. You are producing clean energy. You’re in contract with Level Solar Inc. Your payments will still come out of your account every month on the 20th. The vendor listed on your bank statement will still say Level Solar.  The only difference is SUNation will be monitoring your system and should you need service, the SUNation team will provide it to you. SUNation has hired 20 Level Solar employees and together we have teamed up to provide you with quality service.

I would like to formally request a copy of my contract.

We will gladly email a copy of your contract.  Please email your request to

Will SUNation make me buy my system?

No, SUNation will follow the existing Level customer power purchase agreement.

I am selling my home and I cannot because of the UCC filing.

Please call SUNation at 631-750-9454 and ask for Amy or email  We will look into your case and work to help you sell your home as quickly as possible.   

Do I have to use SUNation?

Yes, Level Solar and its banking partners have vetted SUNation and are confident in their abilities.