Suffolk County residents pay the highest utility costs on Long Island. To incentivize the region’s investment in clean energy, state and federal municipalities offer tax credits and financing options to residents. Solar, a reliable and clean energy solution, offers Suffolk County homeowners the opportunity to experience lower utility costs and a more reliable source of power.

Reasons to Go Solar in Suffolk County

Suffolk County residents are leveraging the power of solar in order to avoid utility price hikes. The investment leads to impressive savings over the system’s 25-year plus lifespan.

In addition to cost savings, residents who utilize this clean energy source can take pride in a drastically decreased carbon footprint.

Suffolk County Lights the Way

Suffolk County has consistently placed solar at the forefront of its municipal planning. Structures like the Department of Public Works Headquarters, Bergen Point Sewage Treatment Plant, and the County Airport all host this clean energy component. Even when land size is not suitable for the typical ground-mounted solar arrays, Suffolk County’s commitment to clean energy shines through: the region has over 17MW, megawatts, of grid-tied solar just on its county parking lots.

How Weather Impacts Utility Stability

Most power outages are caused by snow storms, heavy rains, and other harsh weather conditions. Additionally, when temperatures escalate, so does the demand for energy. This increased demand often leads to grid outages.

Suffolk Residents can harness the power of Tesla Powerwall to gain a greater sense of energy self-sufficiency. This innovative backup battery allows homeowners to sustain power during power outages.

Average Electricity Bills in Suffolk County

Residents pay between 22-32 cents per kilowatt hour. Suffolk County utility bills are 38% higher than the national average. An analysis of past prices shows that increases in delivery rates, service fees, and electricity costs are, unfortunately, inevitable. The result is a considerable increase in Suffolk County’s utility costs year after year.

Cost of Going Solar in Suffolk County

Homeowners in need of roof repairs, whether major or minor, should consider performing the roof work and solar installation simultaneously as it could result in major savings.

Suffolk County residents can also take advantage of several financing opportunities offered by New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA). This agency provides offers smart energy loans, tax credit bridge loans, on-bill recovery loans, and a plethora of other financing options. Of course, Homeowners are encouraged to discuss these options with their tax advisor and/or accountant to make sure they qualify.

Available Tax Credits

There are many incentives for Suffolk County residents to switch to solar. New York State offers a generous tax credit of up to $5,000 and the Federal government offers a tax credit of 30%.

Leveraging Net Metering for Increased Savings

Net Metering lets homeowners earn credits for stored excess energy delivered to the grid from their solar panels. Excess solar credits are stored in a credit bank to be used in future months.

Suffolk County Solar Experts

Recognized as Best of Long Island for 14 years in a row, we’re proud to have provided solar energy to over 7,500 local homeowners. To receive an expert quote or more information on solar panel installations in Suffolk County, contact SUNation today.