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Solar Energy in Queens!

The average electricity bill for Queens residents has jumped by shocking amounts with most residents paying 31% more than the state average. To encourage homeowners to invest in clean energy solutions like solar, state and federal municipalities have introduced lucrative financial incentives including tax credits and financing options. There has never been a better time for residents of New York to harness the power of solar energy. For a reliable and clean power source that lowers utility bills, Queens residents are switching to solar.

Reasons to Go Solar in Queens

Homeowners who make the switch to solar in Queens can benefit in a number of ways, but one of the most impactful benefits is the amount of savings they can expect from utilizing solar energy. By running on solar, homes rely less on the utility’s power grid and end up lowering their monthly electricity bill year-round. This allows homeowners the freedom to save money without having to sacrifice their energy use, which can be especially helpful when air conditioners are in use during hot summer days.

These lower energy rates also help Queens residents fight inflation and their ever-changing electricity rates. As the cost per watt, or unit of energy, goes up, solar customers can rest easy knowing they’re still keeping their electricity costs down.

Of course, the environmental impact is not to be ignored. Solar energy helps to reduce carbon emissions by running on clean, renewable energy from the sun’s rays. As reliance on the power grid decreases, this can also lower air and water pollution for local communities.

Queens' Commitment to Clean Energy

Queens is committed to delivering renewable energy to as many residents as possible. In fact, Queens currently has the largest number of solar-powered homes over every borough.

A forward-thinking community, Queens is actively working toward NYC’s audacious goal to reach 25 megawatts of solar power by 2025. This initiative, presented by the New York City Housing Authority, strives to increase access to solar energy throughout the entire community of the borough. In fact, this program is specifically geared to increase the presence of solar energy in public housing developments.

Con Edison, the borough’s utility provider, is leading by example and has become a key player assisting the entire state to reach its audacious clean energy goals. The firm has recently committed to net-zero emissions and 100% clean energy by 2040. The utility’s plan includes extensive investments in solar energy and a pledge to have all of its facilities powered solely by clean energy in 2030.

Average Electricity Bills in Queens

Queens residents are incentivized toward solar energy systems as a result of the borough’s high utility costs. Queens’ average electric rate is $.31/kilowatt-hour (kWh). This estimate is 31% higher than the state average and a whopping 37% higher than the national average.

Cost Of Going Solar In Queens

Most homes in Queens have sloped roofs, allowing for optimal placement of solar panels and increased cost efficiency. Each solar energy system is as unique as the home it services. Solar arrays are custom-tailored to suit the specific energy needs of the homeowner. As a result of our commitment to providing the most efficient and cost-effective system to each homeowner, installation costs vary. Return on investment can be optimized by leveraging available tax credits and financial incentives.

Available Tax Credits and financing

Queens residents who switch to solar energy may qualify for a number of solar incentives. A 30% Federal tax credit is available to qualifying homeowners now through 2032 for owned solar panel systems. New Yorkers may additionally qualify for the state solar tax credit up to $5,000.

The New York City Department of Finance presents a lucrative opportunity for Queens residents to claim 20% of their solar energy system costs as a property tax abatement. NYC Solar Property Tax Abatement is offered to both residential and commercial buildings. Participation in the program is a great way to optimize your solar investment. To ensure your tax abatement is credited within the same calendar year, applications must be submitted by March 15.

Many programs are offered throughout the year but they don’t last forever. Be sure to keep track of application deadlines in order to optimize your savings opportunities.

How net metering can increase savings

Net metering grants homeowners the power to earn utility credits by storing extra energy. Credits, which are stored in a “credit bank” for future use, are earned when extra energy is delivered from the solar panels to the electrical grid.

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