SUNation Service

Since the first residential solar system was installed in 2001, companies selling and installing systems have come and gone. However, the systems they have installed remained and have required service and maintenance. Homeowners with these systems are often left alone, seeking out qualified solar service providers with less than promising results. Until now.

SUNation Service, Inc., a division of SUNation Solar Systems, provides a variety of service and maintenance offerings for Long Islanders whose solar system provider is no longer in business or who has exited the Long Island marketplace.

Among our service offerings are:

  • Service Work for all SUNation Solar Systems Installations
  • Service Work available for all other Solar Company Installations
  • Services for other Solar Sales Companies
  • Bundles – see table below
  • Pest Guards
  • EV Chargers
  • Replacement of old systems
  • Annual Inspections
  • Consumption Monitoring
  • Annual Maintenance Contracts Available
  • Community Solar Sales
  • System monitoring contracts available

Other Services Include:

  • Solar plant monitoring
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Repair and rebuild of solar panel systems
  • Retrofit and solar upgrades
  • Warranty services for equipment manufacturers
  • Installation and troubleshooting for Data Acquisition System (DAS) providers

We are committed to offering the same level of service and commitment that we offer to our own SUNation customers. Why? Simply put, regardless of who you may have sourced your solar system from you deserve the very best service and support available.

Regardless which company installed your system, we want to ensure that your system continues to effectively produce the energy you need.