Solar Pest Guard

Keep Animals and Critters Out and Protect Your Solar System!

Solar Pest Guard

Animals can make their way under solar panels and chew away at the wires. Adding solar pest guard to your solar system will protect you from any damages from any pest from squirrels to birds. Air is able to circulate under your panels while the pest guard is keeping pests from getting to your wires. Interested in speaking with a SUNation Specialist?


SUNation uses SolaTrim Pest Abatement Barrier, a visually pleasing, long lasting pest and debris guard. While the SolaTrim pest guard protects your home, it also is pleasing to the eye.


  • Rust and Corrosion resistant 3003-H14 Aluminum panel
  • Black polyester coating for low-visibility, matching module backing
  • Backside primer coat (standard gray)
  • .025” Aluminum stock – stiffened by design to prevent the barrier from bending or warping
  • Diamond stamping to allow for air-flow and temperature regularity
  • Acrylic foam tape backing for permanent adhesion to any module frame configuration

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