Sense Home Energy Monitor

Track Your Solar Production and Consumption!​

Sense Home Energy Monitor

Sense is a home energy monitor that is installed directly into your electrical panel to allow you to easily view your home’s electricity usage. The internal technology within a Sense reads your current data on million times per second and processes it to present a consumption view that you cannot get with any other product. With these amazing features, you are able to save money by avoiding disasters, track where your energy is going, and see what is not drawing any energy within your home.

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Sense has introduced Flex add-on sensors that work with the Sense Home Energy Monitor. These Flex sensors allow for three all-new capabilities:

  1. Ability to support 400A split-service panels
  2. Monitor up to two 120V or 240V dedicated circuits to track major appliance or device usage
  3. Track home standby generators

Save Energy and Money

When you begin to understand the patterns of your home’s energy usage, you will be able to start saving money. The Sense Home Energy Monitor allows you to view where your energy is getting used the most and where it is not. In seeing this, you can adjust the way that you go about using certain energy. The average user is able to save between 6 and 9% after installing a Sense into their system, some even see more savings!

See What’s Up. Know What’s On

Since Sense uses machine learning when looking at your home’s energy usage, it can tell what is on and off. This allows for a more consolidated and easy to understand reading.

Avoid Disaster

With having a Sense Home Energy monitoring system, you will be warned of any problems before they start to break the bank. You can see what devices or appliances are using or draining the most energy. You can view these real-time statistics when you are home or when you are away from home.

Works with Solar

Intertwining a Sense Home Energy Monitor with your main electrical panel, you will be able to view your incoming solar feed in real-time. You can make this connection through a breaker or a service-side tap.

In order to get the most accurate reading of your production, it would be best not to have any other live circuits connected to your subpanel.

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