Solar Roof Snow Brakes

Ensure Your Solar System is Safe From Snow!

Solar Roof Snow Brakes

In the case of snow fall, for your safety and the safety of your panels DO NOT remove snow from your solar panels. Brushing or shoveling snow off your solar panels can damage the reflective coating or scratch the modules.

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Solar panels and snow

Brushing or shoveling the snow off of your solar panels are not only harmful to the panels, but can be harmful to your safety. We highly recommend that you DO NOT do this. Solar panels will naturally melt away the snow as the sun hits them due to their dark color. 

Benefits of snow brakes for your roof

  • Prevents snow from piling up on your roof
  • Prevents large chunks of snow pile from falling off your roof
  • Prevents costly gutter repair or replacement
  • Allows for snow to melt in a more efficient manner
  • Low visibility in order to blend in with roof material
  • Made of a strong polycarbonate material for optimal performance

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