eGauge Solar & Energy Monitor

Your Solar System's Data, Simplified!

Eguage Solar & Energy Monitor

The eGauge solar energy monitor combines an energy meter, data logger, and web server. This powerful combination lets you measure, store, and retrieve data directly from a local network or from a remote location via the Internet.

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Better Than a kWH Meter

The eGauge is a CT meter, which can gauge the intensity of individual circuits in your electric board utilizing sensors called flow transformers (CTs). Watch as your diagram changes in real-time, uncovering potential issues that you would never find with your electricity bill.

Mobile Energy Alerts

While you are going about your day as you normally would, eGauge is there monitoring your solar panel production and looks out for any unexpected energy patterns. If anything is picked up, you will get a text or email alert. Some of the causes for an alert can be excess equipment usage, upticks in demand charges, production issues or anything else that can increase costs. You have full control on where these alerts are sent, as well as the ability to set any threshold value.

Greater Efficiency Savings

With a solar energy monitoring system from eGauge, you are able to save even more money and avoid any cost raising issues. With no monthly fees, you will be able to maximize the efficiency of your green investment!

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