Tesla Powerwall 2

Ensure Your Home Stays POWERED ON During Grid Outages!

Tesla Powerwall 2

With a Tesla Powerwall added to your solar system, you will be able to protect your home in the event where you lose grid power. When you have this sustainable energy system, you will be able to take solar energy and power your home. The Powerwall runs and operates with practically no noise which is a huge difference compared to your traditional gas generator.

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What makes the Tesla Powerwall so special is that when you lose grid power, it will automatically connect itself and power your home. If you were to have a traditional gasoline generator, you would have to go through the hassle of flipping switches and making sure its gas tank is always filled. The Tesla Powerwall will allow you to keep your lights on, refrigerator running, phones charged and virtually anything else you need in your daily lives without having to worry about fuel or noise. With a completed solar and battery backup system, you can keep your home running for days after losing power from the grid.


The Powerwall battery energy storage system provides the convenience of being able to view real-time energy consumption statistics that your home is drawing. You will be able to fully customize your setting and preferences to optimize your energy independence in the case of a power outage. Pick and choose where the power from the Powerwall should go when it is your home’s main power source.

The Tesla Powerwall was designed to offer a simple and easy installation. Its design complements the space in where it is installed, no matter the layout or style of the home. With its “all-in-one” construction features, the Tesla Powerwall can be installed in or outside of your home. Learn more about how the Tesla Powerwall works hand in hand with your home solar system.

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