Is maintenance required on SUNation Solar Systems?

SUNation offers only high-efficiency, premium-quality solar panels in Long Island with expert workmanship and installation. For the most part, solar systems of this quality require little maintenance over their lifespan, if any at all. The components we install come with 10-25-year warranties, dependent on the particular system installed, that protect you in the event of the slightest malfunction. SUNation installs monitoring hardware on every system that allows us and our homeowners to know when anything is wrong.  SUNation also provides a 10-year parts and labor warranty.

Solar Panel Maintenance

When deciding to purchase solar panels for your home or solar for your office, it is important to consider your solar panels’ maintenance requirements. Solar panel maintenance and repair helps keep your solar system working efficiently for years to come. Along with maintenance requirements, it is crucial to consider warranties offered on your panels. A strong, long-lasting warranty can give you peace of mind after your solar panels are installed, that way you know that your investment will be protected.

Solar panels are made of tempered glass, so they are built to withstand hail and other rough weather conditions. With the exception of tracking mounts, solar panel systems don’t have movable parts, which cuts down on the possibility of any issues.

Make sure you also are mindful of falling leaves and snow, so you can clear them away as soon as possible. If you live in an area where there is a lot of dust, smog, or dirt, you may see a decrease in your solar system’s production over time, but this can be easily remedied by cleaning your panels. Sometimes, panels are on the home’s roof, in which case, hiring a professional is recommended to avoid any injury.

The Durability of Solar Panels

Solar panels generally require very little maintenance. They are very durable and should last around anywhere between 10-25 years with little to no maintenance. The only maintenance you should ever need to perform is to wash them clean of any dirt and dust two to four times a year, which you can easily do with a garden hose. A basic cleaning routine ensures that the sun can shine brightly on the panel, maximizing the amount of light available to convert into electrical power. Generally, your solar system’s peak power output should not fall below 85 percent for the first 20 years of the panel’s productive lifetime.

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