Marty Lyons Foundation Family Exclusive Offer!

Join SUNation Energy in our commitment to a greener future! When you choose to go solar with us, you or your referral will receive our CURRENT PROMOTION AND we will make a $500 DONATION to the Marty Lyons Foundation!

Also, for every friend or family member you refer who goes solar with SUNation, we’ll make a $500 DONATION to the Marty Lyons Foundation.

Let’s fulfill children’s wishes with solar!

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Marty Lyons Family Exclusive Offer!

SUNation Energy is proud to strategically partner with the Marty Lyons Foundation. As part of this partnership, we are launching a special program for anyone in the Marty Lyons Foundation family, which includes employees, followers, and donors.

When you choose to go solar with SUNation Energy, you will not only receive our current solar promotion but also contribute to a great cause. For each person who participates in this program, SUNation Energy will donate $500 to the Marty Lyons Foundation!

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SUNation's Collaboration with the Marty Lyons Foundation

Bringing Light to a Local Family in Need

In a heartwarming collaboration, SUNation has had the privilege of working closely with the Marty Lyons Foundation to sponsor Bentley, a local Long Island resident who bravely battles cancer. Bentley’s courage and resilience inspire us every day, and it is our honor to stand by his side on his journey.

As part of our commitment to making a difference, SUNation will be donating a solar panel system to Bentley’s family’s home. This system not only serves as a source of renewable energy but also provides tangible relief by offsetting electricity costs for Bentley’s family. By reducing financial burdens, we hope to bring a sense of stability and comfort to Bentley and his loved ones during this challenging time.

In addition to SUNation’s contribution, the Marty Lyons Foundation will be granting Bentley’s wish, ensuring that his dreams are realized and his spirit remains lifted. Together, we strive to create moments of joy and light amidst the darkness, offering support and solidarity to families in their time of need.

This partnership is a testament to the incredible impact that can be achieved when organizations and communities come together with a shared purpose. Through acts of kindness and generosity, we can make a profound difference in the lives of those facing adversity, spreading hope and compassion wherever it is needed most.

Join us in celebrating the power of partnership and the spirit of resilience as we stand with Bentley and his family, providing love, support, and a brighter future ahead.

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What Are the benefits of going solar?

You could drastically reduce your utility bill! Here are some benefits:

Investing in solar panels is a smart choice for Long Island residents, offering the potential to lower your energy expenses while taking control of your home’s energy!

By incorporating a solar battery storage system, you can ensure an uninterrupted power supply for your home, even in extreme weather conditions and grid disruptions!

By going solar, you are locking in your electricity rates for the next 30 to 40 years, ensuring your family’s protection from the unpredictability of energy price hikes.

The addition of solar panels increases your home’s value – with an average 10,000kW solar panel system contributing to an approximately 4.1% increase in your property’s value.

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