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Bringing the power of Solar Energy to East Hampton!

Energize East Hampton simplifies and makes solar panel installations more affordable for local homeowners and businesses through discounted group rates. In 2018, the Town of East Hampton joined a Energize initiative supported by NYSERDA under the NY-Sun program, which aims to invest billions in solar power over the next few years, expanding installations statewide.

The Town of East Hampton has chosen to continue its Energize program with SUNation Energy, ensuring that residents and businesses who enroll for solar installations through Energize East Hampton can still benefit from group rates below market prices!

We also offer solar panel and battery storage systems with NYSERDA and PSEG-LI incentives! For a FREE solar assessment and program details, click the button below:

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What Are the benefits of going solar?

You could drastically reduce your utility bill! Here are some benefits:

Solar panels can make a lot of sense for East Hampton residents! You could reduce your utility costs and take control of your home or building’s energy!

With the addition of a solar battery storage system, you can ensure your home stays powered on during times of extreme weather and grid outages!

You will be locking in your electricity rates for the next 30 to 40 years, protecting your family from energy price hikes!

Solar boosts the value of your home – the average solar panel system installed, which is a 10,000kW system, can raise your home’s value by, on average, 4.1%!

Why 8,500+ Homeowners Trust SUNation:

SUNation has met all of my expectations. Our installation was back in November and we have already made use of our battery backup system. I highly recommend using SUNation!

I am very happy with the results and service they provide. Staff and crew were courteous, knowledgeable and neat. My electric bill are now very minimal per month which is the best.

Solar Installation on Long Island, New York

There is not a better solar company out there. We were very pleased with every aspect of the process. I've recommended over 6 people to them and everyone is equally pleased. A++++

Solar Panel System Installation on Long Island
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Since 2003, SUNation has installed over 8,500 efficient solar power systems for both residential and commercial customers on Long Island, substantially reducing their monthly electricity costs. We’re excited to showcase how SUNation can unlock the numerous benefits of solar energy for you.

Don’t hesitate to take the first step towards a cleaner and more economical energy future. Reach out to us today by clicking the button below to explore more about how SUNation Energy can help you take control of your energy through the Energize East Hampton program!

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SUNation Energy Installation Process

We’ve helped thousands of homeowners, just like you, switch to solar to save money & the environment!


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Project Initiation


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System Installation


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System Activation

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