Lance Corporal Billy Ventura Gets the gift of free electricity through SUNation cares

SELDEN, NEW YORK – AUGUST 2020 – We are honored to have partnered with the Bolla Charity Foundation and the Town of Brookhaven to donate a 44-panel solar system to Lance Corporal Billy Ventura. This system is large enough to cover all of his electricity needs and leave him without an electricity bill. Three years into his marine service, Ventura was on home leave. Billy was involved in a terrible accident that has left him without his ability to walk.

The property was donated by Suffolk County and the Town of Brookhaven. The Bolla Foundation razed a dilapidated home on the property and built Ventura’s house with amenities including stainless-steel appliances, a large master bedroom, and a roll-in shower, officials told Newsday. Ventura was presented with the keys to his new house in a press conference. This veteran will never have to pay a mortgage and his electric bills are taken care of due to SUNation solar panels.

“This home gives me the opportunity to continue to grow independently and experience living on my own,” Billy told Newsday. “This home will now make everyday tasks that were once easy — easy again.”

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