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Solar and Battery Storage Systems

At SUNation Energy, we emphasize reliable products for a top-notch solar and battery backup experience. That’s why we offer the Tesla Powerwall, ensuring your home maintains power during outages!

When you add a battery storage system to your solar system, you are not only protecting your home from uncertain events, but you are creating peace of mind.

Be Prepared for times of extreme weather!

Why 8,000+ Homeowners Trust SUNation:

While at work, I got a text message letting me know that I had lost grid power and my Tesla Powerwall switched over and began powering my home.

My Tesla Powerwalls allow my solar system to stay on and maintain my power in my house without any generators or gasoline.

Our Tesla Powerwalls saved us during the tropical storm that blew through last week. When the power had gone out, we had no idea!

#1 Home Solar Installer on Long Island

Since 2003, SUNation Energy has been a leading solar provider on Long Island, serving over 8,000 homeowners and businesses with cutting-edge solar, battery storage, EV chargers, roofing, and more. Our efforts save SUNation customers collectively over $20 million annually while ensuring top-notch service and satisfaction.

Recognized as Best of Long Island for 15 consecutive years, we are dedicated to serving the region. With 170+ employees in our Ronkonkoma solar showroom, we handle design, engineering, permitting, and installation for residential, commercial, and municipal clients.


Powerwall stores energy produced by your solar system for home battery backup during grid power outages. It automatically detects outages and switches on when needed.

Peace of Mind

Keep your lights on and phones charged without the need for maintenance, fuel, or noise. Powerwall provides peace of mind by ensuring your essential appliances continue to function.


When paired with a SUNation Energy solar panel system, your Tesla Powerwall battery will recharge with sunlight to keep your appliances running for days during an outage.

You're In Good Hands

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Protect Your Home From Grid Outages!

A Tesla Powerwall is a battery storage that is added to your solar system, you will be able to protect your home in the event where you lose grid power. When you have this sustainable battery storage system, you will be able to take advantage of your solar energy and power your home.

Every home will require a different amount of Tesla Powerwalls due to the home’s electricity and backup needs. If you are interested in learning more, please fill out the form above.

Since every home will have a different amount of Tesla Powerwalls recommended. If you are interested in learning more, please fill out the form above.

Gain the convenience of being able to view real-time energy consumption statistics that your home is drawing. You will be able to fully customize your settings and preferences to optimize your energy independence in the case of a power outage. Pick and choose where the power from the Powerwall should go when it is your home’s main power source.

Your home’s solar system will product energy that will be stored within the Tesla Powerwalls, which it then uses to directly power your home in the case of extreme weather or grid outages.

Yes! There are both New York State and Federal incentives available.

*Financing and loan options for solar, including no money down financing, is contingent upon applicant eligibility as measured by creditworthiness and other qualifying factors. Always be sure to check with your lender for qualifications and offers that fit your household’s unique financial situation.

*SUNation will pay your electric bill from the day you sign a contract to the day your solar system is installed. Payment will be issued via a $1,000 check from SUNation. This offer is valid for contracts that are signed between 4/1/24 and 4/30/24. SUNation clients are responsible for continued payment of their utility bills each month, and SUNation will send the check after your system is installed. 

*Terms and conditions apply – this offer is not to be combined with any other offer or promotion. W-9 is required.

*Battery storage systems are only available to homes and buildings located in PSEG-LI territory

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