Get Paid to Go Solar in 2024 with SUNation!

Sign up to go solar with SUNation between July 1st and July 31st, 2024 and we’ll write you a $1,000 CHECK when your installation is complete. It’s that simple. With custom financing options and $0 out-of-pocket, it’s never been more affordable to go solar.*

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Tampa & Central Florida Home Solar Installer

Welcome to SUNation Energy, your trusted solar energy partner serving Tampa and Central Florida. With a strong foothold in the solar industry, we’re dedicated to delivering high-quality solar solutions for homes and businesses across the region. Our extensive experience includes over 8,500 successful installations in New York over the past two decades, ensuring a wealth of expertise to benefit Central Florida.

We offer a comprehensive suite of services tailored to the Tampa and Central Florida area’s needs, including solar panel systems, solar battery storage, EV chargers, roofing services, and solar system service. Our seamless process, from consultation through design, permitting, and installation, guarantees a smooth sailing solar journey. With SUNation Energy, you’re choosing a leading industry partner dedicated to lowering your electricity bill and helping you take control of your energy!

Why 8,500+ Homeowners Trust SUNation:

SUNation has met all of my expectations. Our installation was back in November and we have already made use of our battery backup system. I highly recommend using SUNation!

I am very happy with the results and service they provide. Staff and crew were courteous, knowledgeable and neat. My electric bill are now very minimal per month which is the best.

Solar Installation on Long Island, New York

There is not a better solar company out there. We were very pleased with every aspect of the process. I've recommended over 6 people to them and everyone is equally pleased. A++++

Solar Panel System Installation on Long Island

Solar and Battery Storage Systems

At SUNation Energy, we emphasize reliable products for a top-notch solar and battery backup experience. That’s why we offer the Tesla Powerwall, ensuring your home maintains power during outages!

When you add a battery storage system to your solar system, you are not only protecting your home from uncertain events, but you are creating peace of mind.

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Solar Panel Systems, Your Panels, Your Power! Keep your roof's revenue in your hands by owning your solar panel system in Florida.

Industry Leader

As one of the nation's premier Solar Companies, we have installed over 8,500 solar systems and are a leading choice for solar and battery storage!

Financing Options

SUNation offers various options for solar financing that are tailored to fit your unique project and your individual needs!

You're In Good Hands

Solar Installation on Long Island, New York

Get Paid to Go Solar!

Get Paid to Go Solar!

SUNation Energy offers a LIFETIME workmanship warranty!* (*see contract for details)

All of our solar panels offer a full 25-year performance warranty.

Solar panels take advantage of the most abundant energy source, THE SUN, and the way in which they function is actually a lot more simple than you may think:

  • During hours of sunlight, the solar cells within solar panels absorb energy
  • Within the solar cells, there are circuits that take the energy and turn it into direct current (DC) energy
  • The DC energy is then passed through an inverter that converts it into alternating current (AC) energy that will feed to your home for your consumption
  • You will either consume this energy, send it back to the grid or store it within a solar battery storage system

Each solar system we install on Long Island has an internet-connected monitoring system. You can go online and see what every solar panel is producing in real-time.

Yes, solar systems do make power on rainy and snowy days, but at a level proportionately reduced to the diminished sunlight levels.

SUNation offers only high-efficiency, premium-quality solar panels in Long Island with expert workmanship and installation. For the most part, solar systems of this quality require little maintenance over their lifespan, if any at all.

Every home will require a different amount of solar batteries due to the home’s electricity and backup needs. If you are interested in learning more, fill out the form above.

Gain the convenience of being able to view real-time energy consumption statistics that your home is drawing. You will be able to fully customize your setting and preferences to optimize your energy independence in the case of a power outage. Pick and choose where the power from the battery storage system should go when it is your home’s main power source. For information fill out the following form, fill out the form above.

*Financing and loan options for solar, including no money down financing, is contingent upon applicant eligibility as measured by creditworthiness and other qualifying factors. Always be sure to check with your lender for qualifications and offers that fit your household’s unique financial situation.

*Payment will be issued via a $1,000 check from SUNation. This offer is valid for contracts that are signed between 7/1/24 and 7/31/24. SUNation clients are responsible for continued payment of their utility bills each month, and SUNation will send the check after your system is installed. 

*Terms and conditions apply – this offer is not to be combined with any other offer or promotion. W-9 is required.

*Battery storage systems are only available to homes and buildings located in PSEG-LI territory

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Get Paid to Go Solar in 2024 with SUNation!