The Global Energy Leaders Podcast – Episode 83 ft. Mike Bailis, Co-Founder of SUNation

Ryan Ray visits w/ Mike Bailis, co-founder & CSO at SUNation Solar Systems on today’s episode of The Global Energy Leaders Podcast as they discuss community solar.


As Co-Founder and Chief Sales Officer at SUNation Solar Systems, Mike Bailis oversees all revenue-generating business, including sales and marketing in both the residential and commercial markets. With nearly 40 years of experience in energy sales, Bailis has worked in the HVAC business since 1982 and is a recognized expert in the solar industry. He is the former vice chairman of the Long Island Solar Energy Industry Association (LISEIA) as well as a board member of NYSEIA. Early in his career, Bailis noticed the problems the U.S. faced with its first major energy crisis, specifically with the importing and use of fossil fuels. He recognized that we cannot depend on these limited resources we have that we have no control over and saw solar as a viable solution as the sun is free, readily available, and underutilized. It is Bailis’ goal at SUNation to assist homeowners and businesses in our region to see the benefits of solar and to help our community transition from a carbon-based economy to a renewable energy economy.

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