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Since 2003, SUNation Energy has grown to be one of the largest solar contractors on Long Island with over 7,500 Residential, Commercial and Municipal solar projects installed by the team. Collectively, SUNation provides service to nearly 11,000 installed solar systems on Long Island. SUNation professionally installs equipment from the top solar brands that have the latest solar technology such as Tesla.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do SUNation solar panels have warranties of their own?

All of our solar panels offer a full 25-year performance warranty.

How will I know if my home solar system is really producing electricity?

Each solar system we install has an Internet-connected monitoring system. You can go online and see what every solar panel is producing in real-time.

Does a solar system make power on rainy and snowy days?

Yes, solar systems do make power on rainy and snowy days, but at a level proportionately reduced to the diminished sunlight levels.

Is there maintenance required on SUNation solar systems?

SUNation offers only high-efficiency, premium-quality solar panels in Long Island with expert workmanship and installation. For the most part, solar systems of this quality require little maintenance over their lifespan, if any at all.

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The bright side of residential solar energy starts in your wallet! Here are four big reasons to make the investment and get a high-quality solar panel system installed on your roof:


1. Immediately start saving money on your electric bills
2. Enjoy a low-cost investment - about 96% of customers have zero out-of-pocket (ZOOP) expenses
3. Lock in your electricity rate for years to come, protecting your family from energy price hikes
4. The average solar panel system installed, a 10,000kW system, can raise your home’s value by, on average, 4.1%

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